Move Ingredients Safely and Gently

Traditional conveyor systems, such as belts, bins, and feeders, often result in wasted ingredients, high contamination risks, and messy production areas. These systems also require high maintenance in terms of cleaning supplies, cleaning time and personnel, and tending to several motors and moving parts.

Delicate ingredients do not survive the journey unscathed. They may be bruised, crumbled, or broken. These systems are inefficient because it takes a significant amount of energy to power a few motors and many moving components.

Explore the Benefits of an Enclosed System

Cable and tube conveyors consist of a modular design for flexibility and a wide range of applications. This is ideal as most processing plants have different production runs with all types of ingredients. A Pet food conveyor system, for example, may be used to mix and process dry dog food for a week then switch out and start a run of wet cat food. One system with the capacity to handle all ingredient containment needs will save the business time and money.

Custom Solutions

Each new system is custom engineered in-house to meet the needs, budgets, and specifications of the processing space. Because the system is enclosed, it can take ingredients from floor to floor and building to building if necessary in order to complete all stages of processing. Individual components are available in different sizes, tube dimensions, and materials. Feeder, transfer, and cleaning system parts are also mixed and matched to accommodate any needs and plant layouts.

Design Considerations

Engineers consider several aspects of production needs. How much product can be moved in each module without breakage is a critical aspect. Others include how far, how high, and how fast clients need to move ingredients to keep production schedules. The configuration and size of the processing space are also taken into consideration.

A small start-up company has rented an old firehouse to begin production on a new line of organic pet foods. There are two floors, one large garage space, and several rooms. A conveyor system can be designed to move between floors, through walls, and around corners with minimal structural changes. The system is efficient, sanitary, and adapts to the available space.


Cleaning system options include wet, dry, and in-line solutions. The engineers will recommend the best system for the finished conveyor, and installers will train clients on how to properly implement the process. Those interested in improving production, increasing efficiency, and moving ingredients safely and gently can Learn more here.


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